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To spark moments in time for those wanting to step out of the fast lane and slow down into themselves. Possible side effects may include peace, belonging and joy.
To share the opportunity and beauty of being in the now with those choosing to grow a conscious and sustainable slow lifestyle.

About Sue

After 20 years of practicing and always wanting to instruct yoga, I finally asked fear to step aside and completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2020. This training, along with being a Shamanic Practitioner, career-ing in the world of public relations and participating as an eager student of life, all helps shape my teaching.   


My intention as a Yoga Instructor is to create a space for you to feel safe and empowered during your practice whether you’re a beginner or have spent years on your mat. 


My goal as a Yoga Instructor is for you to walk out of each and every class feeling lighter, more aware of your body-mind connection and a knowing that your practice of yoga is as unique as you. 


My hope, a Yoga Instructor, a Shamanic Practitioner and human, is that you find the healing and strength that these practices have  shared with me.  

My desire is that your experience with "root" will be one that becomes part of the daily ritual for finding your way home to yourself.


I attempt to embrace life in all its complexed simplicity. I am a lot of things that are always evolving, consistently under construction. I am a community builder, an entrepreneur, an artist using pen, paint, camera and stage as my mediums. I am passionate about our planet and am the President of Pelee Art and Eco Works on Pelee Island. I'm an advocate for social justice.  I love a great thrift find, making conscious choices, a glass of wine and making my husband roll his eyes and laugh with me. I believe that building an empowered community is the sign of strong leadership. I am a cheerleader in the joys and wonder of slow living, am often found dancing wherever I am at and know that when we love more and fear less anything is possible. 

I look forward to sharing yoga classes, retreats, shamanic, energy practices, "root" and the gifts of slow living with you whether it be face to face on Pelee Island , Kingsville or through a virtual connection. 

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